Thursday, 29 August 2013

Eyeball Melting..... Apparently

Lazy Flies - Kill Your Darlings


hahaha I just love being surprised & discovering new local music and it's certainly out there by the bucketload.... This 5 track EP 'Kill Your Darlings' came with a few others for me to review, so far the others haven't got a look in... this is on constant repeat....

The other night I was chatting to some friends about this trio of brothers, who have seen them live the feedback included "their harmonies melted my eyeballs" to "they're a cross between Bowie & the Bee Gees"

Certainly one of the strengths in the overall sound is those 'to die for' harmonies... tighter than the proverbial ducks end bit. These are showcased spectacularly on the a-cappella lead of track Disco Tears, 54 seconds of vocal dexterity & beauty.

The Lazy Flies  blurb informs us they are influenced by Beck among others andI I certainly hear that in the music, the influence stretches to the fact that they named the band after a track of Beck's Mutation album... (Can you guess which one?) ;)
Listening to this debut, self recorded EP conjures up all sorts of stuff in my mind, I hear Beck, I hear early Bowie I even have this image of early Blackadder style wandering minstrels in my head. Yet despite all the influences & the sounds I hear, the Lazy Flies have produced something different, something timeless yet fresh & beautiful.

These songs are well put together all hung on the foundation of the acoustic guitar on which they have developed a sonic landscape. There's the floaty almost ethereal feel of Who Are You? Next up is my favourite, Tin Man a great wee singalong with some great horns... In fact I have been singing it to my 10 month old grandson.....

This is a beaut of an EP, full of wondrous sounds that make you feel that warm, gushy feeling of satisfaction, i love it...

I think I'll let the Lazy Flies sum it up for themselves....
Lazy Flies....delicately weaving vocal harmonies conjure a charming pop aesthetic..... they combine evocative melodies with a lyrical wit to create something wonderfully recognisable yet totally unique.

yea that sums it up nicely... 'something wonderfully recognisable yet totally unique.'

Find out more at

1. Disco Tears
2. Who Are You?
3. Tin Man
4. This Van Is Empty
5. Fantasy Islands

Mark Reid

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