Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's A Grower

Amanda St John - Where is the Man?


My first experience of Amanda St John was as the female vocal in what I guess was a 70s tribute act, certainly she was vocally very powerful...
It is with that, my only previous encounter with Amanda that I approach this debut 4 track EP, which before I'd heard a note I was impressed with how well the packaging was put together..

Under the guidance of Gareth Dunlop, who produced this,  Amanda delivers a cd that introduces a very different artist to the one I'd first seen... This is a set of songs driven by a Northern Ireland soul sound which carries Amanda powerful vocal well. she has a group of talented musicians supporting her who play out of their socks...

For me this EP took a bit of time Initially it didn't connect with me but the more I listen the underlying beauty started to show although maybe because I'm a man lyrically that connection still not there though I must admit I've found my self singing the chorus of Where Is the Man....
I think this EP shows there's potential, it's a decent start.. and I really do look forward to hearing more from Amanda and I definitely need to see her live.

1. Where Is The Man?
2. Reach
3. You'll Never Change
4. Come Back To Me

Mark Reid

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