Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Farriers @ BelNash

Holiday Inn, Belfast

Farriers at Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival

OK, 1pm on a Saturday afternoon may seem an unusual time to have a gig, but when it comes to Farriers any time is a good time.
This show which also featured Morgan McIntyre and Amanda Agnew was being recorded by Music Row Show for broadcast across the USA.
The stripped back to 3 piece band settle back in an aura of calmness and delivered a set of some of the most wonderful folk music I've heard which included a lot of new songs destined for the band next release.
These are songs that stir the imagination, these are thoughtful songs, at times it's almost like therapy as you lean back into the music and let it soothe...
As individuals Stephen and Rachel have great voices which song after song get wonderfully showcased, but there's a fragile beauty in what they offer as a unit.

Yea I'm a Farriers fan, and today was a good day!!

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