Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Songs Of The Year (Local Music)

2013 was the year I, at last, intentionally went out of my way to investigate what was out there in the local N.I. Music scene, not the stuff on the radio but the guys & gals out there in the pubs & clubs and anywhere else they could get a gig...
I discovered, boy did I discover... Northern Ireland has an abundance of great, great talent out there most people don't even know about..

I probably could've added a load more songs here (I may do at a later time) from the like of Farriers, Sons of Calber, Southern, Emerald Armada, Saffyre, Cairan Lavery, Joshua Burnside, :Odibal and the list goes on and on and on

Thought not necessarily released this year these are a few of my favourite songs I discovered and grew to love in 2013

In NI particular order...

This Van Is Empty -The Lazy Flies
I love the Lazy Flies, this song is of their stunning EP 'Kill Your Darlings' I love all the songs but there just something in this song that I love maybe it's those harmonies, the subtle bass, those lyrics
...this van is empty, I don't know who is driving me

Janey - Foy Vance
Stunning!! I think we all recognise Foy is an immense's encapsulated in this song for me, again every track on his 'Joy Of Nothing' cd is great but every time I hear it this song stop me in its tracks... It just connects with me.

Annie - Aaron Ferris
I've been a fan of Aaron's a long time, love his stuff, this track tells the harrowing story of a young victim of child abuse, beautifully written and performed. I'm drawn in by it it captures my imagination and heart.

Be Still - Chasing Perpetua
This song, for me, represents everything Chasing Perpetua are, beautiful delicate harmonies, sensitive guitar backing, lyrics that draw you in and the power then the fragility of Lynsey's voice. On first hearing this song sent shivers down my spine, it still does.

Guiding Light - Foy Vance
Yip Foy gets 2 tracks, a duet with Ed Sheeran, this track reminds me of those I love and where I want to be most...

Story Book - Ryan Johnston
Of his Mother Earth EP, stunning vocals, musical backing and simple yet intelligent lyrics, that I relate to a lot...all  delivered with Ryan's stunning vocal... Ryan is probably my vocal discovery of 2013.

No One Can Hear Me - Mike Donaghy & Border Crossing
This is the title track of Mikes recent cd, and maybe a little different from his other stuff. A little almost Delta Blues/Folk feel to it. It lifts my spirit and has me singing along full throttle.. Sweet little riff... Great song!

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