Saturday, 19 October 2013

Aaron Ferris - State of Emergency


Now on his 3rd release, Aaron Ferris introduces us to State of Emergency a 6 track EP. which follows up his album Solitary Realignment & the debut EP, A Round of Silence

There's no mistaking Aaron's music is informed by his Christian faith notably in the songs 1859, Jerusalem Of The East & Mission Field there's certainly a sense of emergency when he sings about North Korea in Propaganda Village also a subject covered on the absolutely outstanding N.K.  from Solitary Realignment.

There is a beauty in the sounds Aaron has produced through the whole E.P. ...from the choppy guitar ringing out in the lead of track Propaganda Village to the delicate almost intimate guitar on say Annie or the Way Out Of Here. Vocally Aaron is at his best... right out of the top shelf
By far the standout songs for me are The Way Out Of Here an intimate song of hope beyond our circumstance, also the harrowing story of a little girl Annie & interestingly for me Propaganda Village which I initially didn't take to.

It's obvious Aaron is not throwaway when it come to songwriting, these lyrics are well thought out they've been given a lot of attention and conjure up images in your mind were sometimes you feel you're there... likewise the music and playing allows a worthwhile setting for a set of songs full of hope, full of despair, that's show the dark in humanity but also the light of a hope greater than ourselves.

As a man once said on the radio these are not just good songs but they're good for something.

Check Aaron at

1. Propaganda Village
2. Mission  Field
3. 1859
4. Annie
5. Jerusalem Of The East
6. The Way Out Of Here

Mark Reid

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